Smelly Washing? Here’s How to Easily Fix Stinky Laundry!

Here’s how to get that mildew smell out of clothes and towels. If they come out of the washing machine (whether its a front loader or not) and smell like mildew, these brilliant tips and hacks will have your laundry smelling fresh.

The 4 Major Sources of Laundry Stank

  1. Your clothes did not dry properly. This can happen if you fill up your dryer with too many clothes or if the drying cycle is too short. Putting away slightly damp clothes and linens is a recipe for mustiness.
  2. You are washing moldy/musty towels or garments with everything else. Dish rags and towels are common causes of this type stank, so make sure you dry out those damp cloths before you throw them in the wash.
  3. You left wet clothes in the machine for too long. Wet clothes can get musty pretty quickly due to mildew growth.
  4. Your washing machine needs to be cleaned. If your machine stinks, of course, your laundry is going to stink too.

How to Fix Your Stinky Laundry

  1. Re-launder your clothes with vinegar and hot water. Vinegar is a fantastic deodorizer so all you will need to do is run your load again with vinegar and turn your machine to the hottest possible water setting. You can add detergent if you like, but the clothes are already clean so it should not be necessary.
  2. Do an overnight soak in vinegar and water for clothes that are truly pungent. You can do this in the laundry basin near your machines. Follow up with Tip #1 above.
  3. To target mildew in particular, soak your clothes in buttermilk overnight and then launder as usual in the morning.